Google Chrome 3.0 is Now Available with New Features

google chrome 3.0 beta version

Google Chrome 3.0 is now available as a Beta version, with a few new features including speed, customization and Google Themes for Internet users to change and make their own.

Google Chrome hasn’t been out for as long as Firefox and IE, but it is advancing quickly, catching up with its rivals and improving with each new update. Although there aren’t too many new additions to this newest Chrome version, they are helpful, and those familiar with the Google Browser would probably be happy about the enhancements.

Google Chrome 3.0 Features:

Google Chrome Browser Customization
Chrome Themes:
The new Google Chrome 3.0 allows users to customize the look of the browser with up to 28 new themes. These aren’t off the wall themes, but it is a beginning for Google Chrome.
New Tab Page:

In addition, a new tab customization has also been added, allowing web users to create a custom new tab page with their most frequently visited sites, and also easy re-ordering by a simple drag and drop. Moreover, if there are certain sites that are not frequent but you would like within a new tab, they can be pinned down and ordered where you like -this is available as “thumbnails” images or by a list of the sites.

Note: for those that liked the older version, it can still available.

Omnibox Display
The Omnibox, address bar in Google Chrome, now displays icons when auto-suggesting new content – In hopes to provide more viable information to a user and thus saving precious time.

Google Chrome Browser Speed and Performance:
Chrome has improved on speed and loading of pages, including Javascript performance. Furthermore, without the need of plug-ins, it supports many HTML-5 elements.

Download Google Chrome 3.0