New Montauk Monster Found in Panama City

panama montauk monster

You may remember the Montauk Monster mystery that took the Internet by storm last year and still remained unsolved, and now a new Montauk Monster was found in Northern Panama which leaves many in shock and dumbfounded.

This new Montauk Panama Monster was found by a number of local kids that were playing by a creek near Cerro Azul just last Saturday. As mentioned in the DailyMail, the children mentioned that the creature was actually alive when they spotted it, and afraid for their safety, they threw rocks and sticks at it, eventually killing it and throwing it in the river. Afterwards, they gathered courage and returned to the area to take photographs of the mysterious Panama Monster.

Based on the images and speculation, many are saying it resembles a Sloth which has lost his hair. Others believe it is an actual dead animal fetus, which debunks the children’s testimony. Even further, some locals believe it is an Alien creature, but no actual concrete answers have yet to come up for any of the ideas.

Whatever the creature is, it doesn’t look pretty, and it may be simply a deformed animal that has been dead for quite some time.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or evaluations of your own, please share them with the rest of us in the comments below.

new montauk monster panama

53 thoughts on “New Montauk Monster Found in Panama City

  1. Marik Airl Ra.

    This seems to mee like either a Sloth, or an alien. And aliens are real! I saw alot of large, multi-colored lights in the sky one night.

  2. Charwee.

    It looks like a sloth to me. Because of its long dangly limbs and its small compacked chest region and if you look closely you can see traces of shaggy brown hair. They are all key features of a sloth. Also, if you are wondering ‘but why has it got a round stomach? Sloths don’t have that?!’ It’s because every animal that gets washed up or has drowned becomes bloated.

  3. scientists from Europe.

    If this is not a photoshop corrections. I think that Panama is extremely good ground for mad scientists to play God.
    I think it was a (female dolphin + man), that mom and dad mammals!

  4. Nita.

    Im From Panama And Some Of You Guys Are Makin It Seem Like Its A Horrible Place? That Straight Up Looks Like A Slot! An Okay They’re Teenagers! They’re Scared An They’ve NEVER seen A Thing Like That! Of Course They’re Gonna throw Rocks!!

  5. lou.

    I agree with derp but really, no joke people in 3rd world countries (esp. Africa) screw animals like its no big deal. Some dude just got busted in the u.s. For screwing pigs. The evidence that led to the video he was caught with….ready….r u sure….the S.O.B. Gave the pigs an STD. After the vet told the farmer a video camera was set up and the “stud” was charged with 12 counts of beastiality. Yes, this is 2011. Anywho, maybe some animal got fertilized and boom, but skinned or not this still misses too many features 2 b a sloth.

  6. Xena.

    hey it could have been a person who was born there and it could have been really deformed whatever i still think it is gods creture so be nice to it those kids were lucky to see it

  7. Bobby.

    when was the last time you seen a sloth with a naturally formed split jaw… the nose doesnt look the same, neither does the body structure.

  8. Karolina.

    Its a sloth.animals tend to look very starnge when they have no hair.See its hand? You can see the claws that it usues for climbing.Im not trying to be a buzz kill,I believe the government does some messed up stuff but i know fake from real.

  9. Derp.

    Sloth?? You must be joking… You have had the pleasure of seeing a sloth, right? Looks nothing like a Sloth ( other than having long arms ). It’s obviously a human gene-splice gone wrong, didn’t grow to full term, so they dumped it in a river in the middle of nowhere… Because A science lab could never afford an incinerator 🙂

    ( Sarcasm, yes… But it’s still not a Sloth )

  10. Amy.

    I’m a kiwi girl, never seen a sloth in my life. Still from checkin around on the net here if im gonna put my 2cents in im thinkin thats definitely what it is. So…did these DNA tests end up gettin done or what? This is the first if heard of these ‘Montauk Monsters’ on this side of the world and i gotta say, im hooked on the mystery!

  11. Erika Renee Peterson.

    First off whatever the hell this weird ass bloated lookin thing is the teens shouldn’t have been throwin shit at em to begin with.
    Two: This shizz is ridiculous because it looks like a sloth a deformed fat sloth that has been sittin around for awhile
    Three: why haven’t scientists taken the body of this thing and done tests on it to figure out wth it is.
    Government these days…people these days…holey damn it’s dumb

  12. sumo.

    when that kid met E.T. he let him in his home and befriended him. He didnt throw rocks at him to the point of killing him. but ya its def a sloth theres no marks showing his been hit. But if the body disapears like the montauk monster then we can play the xfiles music in the backround. lol it does look like mewtoo

  13. Sal.

    For SURE it is a sloth. How the heck could kids be scared of a 2 foot animal. I can see them harassing it, then killing, and becoming scared they would get in trouble, so they fabricated the story. Disgusting.

  14. Leslie.

    Haha. It is definitely a sloth whose hair has come off somehow. Though I don’t even see hair follicles of any kind. Could be a mutant that was born hairless. It’s pretty large though which indicates it grew to an adult. Also: it has nipples, people. Only mammals have nipples. It’s that or an alien that looks miraculously similar to a sloth. There isn’t really any argument/point against it not being a sloth… And it also explains why young children were able to overcome it easily.

  15. GoFigger.

    @K, where did you get “teens”? These kids are making it up. It’s a strange situation but the lie itself reminds me of something I might have concocted as a child. The body of this creature has apparently not sustained any mortal wounds from sticks or rocks. Furthermore, can you really imagine that the children, having killed this repulsive thing, would collaboratively throw it’s heavy, unwieldy body in the river? All they did was stumble on a bloated hairless sloth that was already dead in the river. It looks neat though.

  16. Owen.

    It’s a tree sloth. Look at the foot in the upper corner and note the long claws. Google Tree Sloth Panama. Also take note that there’s still “some” of it’s fur left on the lower area of the animal in the photo. This animal has been dead awhile and was in the water where the remaining fur came of ad the carcass began to deteriorate and bloat. Kids are kids. Imagination is their world.

  17. Diana.


  18. K.

    I think that the teen’s were being smart when they killed the unidentified creature. They told officals that it was going after them and out of fear they killed it, besides if they hadnt killed the creature we would have never known about becuase it would have been heresay and who would believe a couple of teenagers now a days..

  19. Jim.

    I am preattty sure that these kids actually did this(abused the pur animal) to a harmless sloth (shaved it or somehow removed the hair) and made up a story about the “mnster”

  20. Anonymous.

    I am preattty sure that these kids actually did this(abused the pur animal) to a harmless sloth (shaved it or somehow removed the hair) and made up a story about the “mnster”

  21. Brett.

    I have to call this fake simply because I live very near this place and the kinda terrain they are showing it on simply doesn’t exist there.

  22. Daiv Whaley.

    What’s most disturbing about this story is that the children felt motivated to throw rocks at the creature and hit it with sticks. Whatever it was, it is dead now and it hardly looks like it would have been able to hurt anyone to begin with. It’s the 21st century and children still share the traits of violence and fear with their adult ancestors. How sad, and yet folks still think the human race is improving!


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