Cheeseburger Crochet Is Completely Fat Free

best hamburger crochet art

Cheeseburgers have totally changed our view of fast food, and they have modified our staple food from wheat, rice, etc. to extremely fatty Burgers, so while the first thing associated with burgers is FAT, this crochet Hamburger takes a different turn. With so many attempts have been made to make the fast food icon fat free, none have succeeded as far as this new Hamburger has, for the Crochet Burger is 100% fat free.

crochet art of hamburger

A design pattern from the book — Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute by Elisabeth Doherty, this is something that will attract the eye of all those who behold the glory of the Fast Food Icon.

crochet art of cheeseburger

The new cheeseburger is so efficient in reducing the fat consumption of it’s owners that the people completely loose their appetite for eating as soon as they have a look at it. The fun part is that we can save this burger for ever without the aid of any preservatives like the Knitted Hamburger and also eat it on our Cheeseburger bed without leaving any crumbs.

best cheeseburger crochet art

So all those who are looking forward to cut those extra pounds and the extra flubber you should really make yourselves one of these or better yet, add some Hamburger cushions to your home sofa.