Cool Space Invaders Blingvaders Necklaces for Gamers and Fashion Freaks alike

space invaders necklace design

Back in the good old days, I never used to get bored playing the time pass game called Space Invaders, and now the ever evil protagonists, the Blingvaders are back in action and aim to invade to your fashion desk. These pendants which are made up of zinc plated iron sheets are available in choices of either gold or silver plating to suite your style.

Well, this, I admit, isn’t the perfect item for fashionistas out there, but, you must admit, this sure is retro cool. Each blingvader pendant, which is 8 cm x 6.15 cm and about 63 gm in weight, is shipped along with a steel chain of 75 cm in length. The product is up for grabs for a price of Australian $30 (which roughly amounts to about $28 USD) and is available worldwide, where in, the nominal shipping charges are to be bored by the buyer.

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