Z64 and N64 Hard Drive Nintendo Mod Has A Huge Boot Space

n64 hard drive mod

Nintendo mods have started taking their own place in the world of gaming, especially by the launch of this extremely cool highly spacious mod which has an inbuilt memory of 4GB.

nintendo 64 hard drive mod z64

A work done by CPS II, this Nintendo 64 mod has really put all the Nintendo fans back on their savings bank. The mod is a unique combination of the Z64 and the N64 gaming console, which probably gives it it’s extremely huge storage space.

z64 hard drive mod

The modder has put a 3 mm rubber feet under the Z64 in order the lift it off clear the N64, for cooling and ventilation purposes. The whole setup has been ingeniously engineered and put up. The whole mod on the average is really cool and has a very original feel to it. If you are in for something that is far more retro and fun you might like to check out the Nintendo Rubik’s cube that will have you all puzzled up or the Pimp NES Mod that is extremely attractive to look at.

n64 mod with hard drive