Chubik is the Color Names Rubik Cube Toy

fun rubiks cube without colors

Sometimes innovations can be very subtle but extremely innovative, and the good old Rubik’s Cube puzzle has undergone many makeovers but designer Djordje Cukanovic ChuDes has made a very subtle change and designed Chubik. He has put names of the colors in the place of the colors on each block making a sort of similar design to the Word Solving Cube..

color font rubik's cube design

Chubik is white in color with all names in black font. I am not certain whether this will make puzzle easier or difficult to solve, but I think it would probably make the game a little more complex and challenging, for human eye and brain are more responsive to actual colors. This doesn’t anymore look like a toy puzzle, even though it is definitely more geekish and stylish. Rubik cube itself needs much time, patience and intelligence to be solved. This may need more of all that, so only true lovers of the game will go for this one.

new rubik's cube without colors

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cool rubik's cube with color names