Living Room Computer Case Mod Design

cool computer case mod living room design

Some folks would like their kids to keep their geeky computers outside of the living room, but with this computer mod, you could bring your living room inside your computer.

cool living room computer case mod

We are not talking about some SIMS design where you could design your living room in the game, but an actual case mod which was designed as if your cosy living room resided inside your actual computer case.

The images can best represent what the modder has done with the computer, and how a living room was redesigned using the electronics of the actual PC along with some miniature props. It is similar in concept as the Lego Case mod, which created an actual Lego town inside a PC (and surrounding it). Moreover, the Office Design Mod is also another way to make an actual computer mod be part of the atmosphere and surrounding…kind of blending it in.

living room design computer mod

Overall, this is a really beautiful PC mod that makes it a lot easier to stay in front of your computer on those cold rainy days. Instead of bundling up with a book and a blanket, you could surf the web and chat with your friends.

computer mod living room design

Forum Modding Via: TheAwesomer