The Cocaine Scale Disguised as an iPhone Would Make Steve Jobs Freak Out

cocaine scale iphone case

Now we all know about how many different possibilities the iPhone grants with games and applications, but I never thought the iPhone would turn into crime and be the disguise for a cocaine scale.

Found in Netherlands, this Cocaine scale was probably designed by a geek with additional motives besides modding, Internet and video games. It is a digital scale that is slim enough to fit as an iPhone would in your pocket, bag or jacket. Moreover, when it arrives, it looks just like an iPhone would when turned on, showing the different applications available on the home screen.

For those in need of a Cocaine Scale, all they have to do is remove the iPhone case top to reveal the miniature scale. Now, I guess it doesn’t HAVE to be used for criminal intent and could be used as a Chef’s kitchen scale as well, for miniature amounts.

On second thought, maybe someone has truly designed this iPhone scale as a Kitchen Gadget, and a non-geek turned it into Drug product. Whatever the actual reason…such images would really make Steve Jobs lose his marbles.

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iphone case cocaine scale

Via: TheNextWeb