How To Stalk Your Girlfriend with the iPhone: Bizarre iPhone Apps

iphone stalking app

We just mentioned how many different possibilities are provided with the iPhone with the Cocaine Scale iPhone Disguise, but here is a video that shows another view as in How To Stalk Your Girlfriend with available iPhone apps.

This iPhone video was probably made to be funny, but I am certain some women would not really find it as hilarious. First of all, it shows different applications available, and how an obsessed boyfriend could use them to keep tabs on his girlfriend, ex girlfriend or anyone practically. Secondly, it really presents the simplicity of using such apps. And thirdly…well, the first two are enough.

Now I know that the iPhone is not made for any criminal activities, but I guess the obsessed kind do not see Technology, development and innovation as any wall to block their way from reaching their obsessive goal.

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Via: Techtified