CS5 Flash iPhone Applications Can Finally Be Developed for the iPhone

adobe cs5 flash iphone apps

iPhone might be the most appealing and appreciated piece of gadget in recent times but most people have complained about the Smartphone’s inability to support Adobe Flash. Flash Player had been banned from Apple iPhone, as Steve Jobs claimed that Flash reduces the performance of the chic Smartphone.

While Adobe and Apple had been wrangling about the decision to let or not let Flash on iPhone, Apple has finally relented and allowed Flash developers to craft iPhone applications using Flash Professional CS5. The forthcoming Flash Professional CS5 would allow developers to create interactive, rich, and visually appealing applications for iPhone and iPod Touch but nevertheless, they aren’t exactly Flash applications.

Though they are created as Flash apps, they would not be allowed to run as Flash apps and instead would be exported as native iPhone applications. This may interfere with certain Flash based websites but you would still not be missing all the “Flashy” fun on your iPhone, pun intended. However, users can browse web content from within their own apps thanks to SDK’s UIWebKit component.

I guess it was high time iPhone users got to use Flash based apps and browse Flash rich content on their Smartphone. While Apple and Adobe continue to disagree about each others’ positions, Flash developers and iPhone users seem to have gained a lot more than could be imagined. While the biggies battle it out, you can express your support to Flash developers by getting yourself an Adobe Flash T-Shirt.

Image Via: Computer World/Information Week