Sega Dreamcast Controller Turned iPhone Dock Mod

sega dreamcast iphone dock mod

The enthralling innovation of the iPhone is bringing about more technological innovation than was bargained for, and it’s not just within the phone that you can cordon off your wonder. The creativity that has engulfed the iPhone dock with a Sega Dreamcast controller just leaves you speechless!

After the Steampunk iPhone Dock was seen, technology artists were interested in making additional designs, iPhone mods and other creations.

Then followed this fantastic do-it-yourself iPhone dock from Jay Hauf! By transforming the Dreamcast gaming controllers’ utility, he has revolutionized Franken-docking and catapulted the art of designing contemporary, unique iPhone docks into a newer horizons.

cool iphone dock sega dreamcast controller

By placing the iPhone in a comfortable niche of the Sega Dreamcast Controller, Hauf has accorded his instrument the latest of perches. Innumerable followers have emulated his initiative to turn their joysticks and gameboys into iPhone docks of the 21st Century. Hauf’s creative innovation has propelled the gadget geeks’ imagination, and I feel that it cannot be long before another awe-inspiring creation takes the world by surprise.

The techno-savvy’s imagination knows no bounds, really, and who knows what they will come up with next?

iphone dock sega dreamcast controller

Via: GeekyGadgets Via: iPhone Savior