Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet Looks Sinister and Cool

cool boba fett helmet for motorcycle

Star Wars fans would know how villainous Boba Fett really is, and it is his evil nature that actually makes him cool and apart from his sinister deeds, his helmet looks pretty cool too. Here is an awesome Boba Fett helmet which you could get for yourself and scare the dirt out people around you, especially when riding a monstrous bike. Kind of like the comic fans felt with the Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet.

cool boba fett motorcycle helmet

The helmet looks quite toxic in nature, especially with the dirty and mossy green painted on it and the worn off black and red paints as well. In fact, the helmet looks sinister enough to make a traffic cop stop you on the highway thinking you would be up to something evil. Nevertheless, chances are you might just be let go because of your scary looks thanks to the Boba Fett image.

new boba fett helmet

You could also be like Boba Fett and be a figure of mystery and danger and personify all those evil qualities that Boba Fett does. It just proves that being evil is equal to being cool, especially if you can scare off those ordinary people who live their normal and mundane lives. And thanks to helmets like this helmet, you can now actually add a little wickedness to your otherwise normal and boring life.

Being the Bounty Hunter that Boba Fett is, you would not want to miss the cuteness associated with him. Hence, do check out the Boba Fett Plush Toy. If you are into building blocks, you may also like Boba Fett Lego Armor.

Via: ToxicDesign