Pantone’s Rubik’s Cube Is Way Too Colorful

It seems that the Rubik Cube has taken over one of the most renowned companies that add color to our world, yes you got it, it’s Pantone, the premier company to produce paints and colored fabrics and plastics.

pantone color pallet rubik's cube

The Rubik Cube fever has taken over the whole world like a wild fire, and it seems that this fire cannot be put out that easily. Much to the astonishment of many, Ignacio Pilloto, who also designed the Brand Keyboard,  has come up with a very innovative and fun way to replace the usual Pantone demo paint pallet with the Rubik’s Cube, a idea that will make selecting a suitable color for your room much more simple and fun at the same time, comparing two colors will become much more fun and interesting.

Anyway the idea is very ingenious and worth all the appreciation, since it makes the usually boring work of selecting colors, very much exciting, all to the benefit of the people.

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