Miniature Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS

mini nintendo gameboy art

While it’s been a long time since the Nintendo Gameboy Advance stopped making headlines on video game websites and magazines, it might be on its way to create a new revolution amongst the newer generation of gamers. Game Boy Advance was launched in 2001 and is well known for its ability to be held in the palm and offering one of the best gameplays possible.

mini nintendo gameboy

Betsyjean79 uploaded these pictures of a miniature Gameboy Advance which reveal the kind of craze that still exist for this cute 32 bit console. She also has a miniature Nintendo DS that looks just as cool as well. Perhaps small is really in, and big doesn’t necessarily mean “cool”. The miniatures of Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS suggest that people do not just play games on these tiny handhelds, but also form gaming cults wherein the consoles are cherished and loved just like any other celebrities.

mini nintendo ds

The miniatures are complete with all the fixings and they could easily pass off for the real consoles, if viewed under a magnifying glass, that is. I have no clue if these miniatures are available for sale and how the member got hold of them either. In order to prove the demand for Gameboy related merchandize, we ask you to read about the iSpy Nintendo Gameboy Bag. Gameboy fans can also check out the Nintendo Gameboy Plush Toys.

mini nintendo gameboy advance