Star Wars Characters Pumpkin Faces Artwork

Besides having so much memorabilia for Star Wars Characters, the saga also brings out the best artwork from people, and right here are many beautiful pumpkin faces of different characters. If these aren’t enough, you can find more in last year’s post of the geeky Pumpkin Faces.

Update for Halloween 2010: 200 Pumpkin Carvings

If you are interested in finding the amazing and talented artists who created these Pumpkin Carvings, their sites and pages are provided within the post. I am sure they would love to hear praise on their beautiful work.

Boba Fett Pumpkin Faces

boba fett punpkin carving

The two different versions of Boba Fett by Wyscan and Oechsner really bring the cult character to life for a special Star Wars Halloween special.

boba fett helmet pumpkin carving

Death Star Pumpkin

death star pumpkin carving art

With its perfect shape, the Death Star makes for a great and detailed Pumpkin carving that is truly inspiring. Kendra K has made a remarkable one that cannot be ignored by geeks on this planet or any other galaxy.

The Sith Lords Pumpkins

darth vader pumpkin face

darth vader pumpkin face art

new darth vader pumpkin face

All these Sith Lords are beautifully created. You have Darth Vader by Kevin Green, eNix and CustomPaperToys, Darth Maul by Vaughan818 and LadyBugbkt and the extremely detailed Emperor Palpatine, Dark Lord of The Sith by Marc Evan.

darth maul pumpkin face

darth maul pumpkin face art

emperor palpatine pumpkin face

Imperial Stormtrooper

imperial stormtrooper pumpkin face

I always thought the Star Wars Stormtroopers look amazing, and this version by AlaskanMama is beautiful, both when it is lit or not.

star wars stormtrooper pumpkin face

Master Yoda

yoda pumpkin face

star wars yoda pumpkin face

These awesome shots of Yoda were carved by Norbini, Alanna@Vanlsle, and B From Canada and show why it is no surprise why so many love the character. Still, in the light saber pumpkin, with the color, he could be mistaken for the Dark Side.

cool yoda pumpkin face

Chewbacca Pumpkin

chewbacca pumpkin face

Chewbacca may not be one for words, but we can imagine what he would say, scream or roar about the two pumpkin versions by Iridescent Raine and Metal Chris.

chewbacca pumpkin carving

C3PO and R2D2

c3po r2d2 pumpkin carving

In most images we see both of C3P0 and R2D2 together and OverweightGlobofGrease managed to fit both on a Pumpkin, including Liteyear and Derringdos separating the duet.

c3po pumpkin face

r2d2 pumpkin face art

Princess Leia

princess leia pumpkin face

The beautiful Princess Leia has also flattered us with her presence in a great Pumpkin face created by B from Canada.

Jabba the Hut

jabba the hut pumpkin face

I wonder if Jabba would like this portrayal of him as interpreted by Ashley Callahan as an artistic Star Wars pumpkin carving.

Luke Skywalker

luke skywalker pumpkin face

He may not be as popular or “cool” as so many other Star Wars characters, but Luke Skywalker is still a major part of the series and carved beautifully by Nick of the Tessler Family Jaco-O-Lanters, and seen at LadyBugBKT.

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