iPhone OS 3.1.2 Firmware Update Released

iphone os 3.1.2 firmware update

Apple has just released a new iPhone OS 3.1.2 Firmware Update which does not add any new features like the iPhone MMS but supposedly fixes dropped calls problem.

Still, if you have jailbroken your iPhone 3GS or prior models with the iPhone 3.1 OS Pwnage Tool, then you should definitely wait until a jailbroken version is released for this new firmware update. Again…do NOT update your iPhone with this new firmware update until a jailbroken version is provided.

Based on Apple’s software update statement, the new iPhone 3.1.2 OS update fixes or resolves the following:
– Resolves sporadic issue that may cause iPhone to not wake from sleep.
– Resolves intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart.
– Fixes bug that could cause occasional crash during video streaming.

Basically…it fixes things that really shouldn’t be broken in the first place…thanks so much for that.

Via: CultOfMac