Japanese Warrior USB Joypad Scares the Hell Out of You

cool japanese warrior controller

Just a simple Playstation controller would never do, for using regular PS3 controllers indicate conformity and the quality of being afraid to try anything new, and if you don’t want to seem so, you would love this cool and scary Japanese Warrior USB Joypad.

new japanese warrior controller

It looks like the PS3 controller but only as if the controller went and dressed up for a Halloween party. The Japanese warrior looks ready to strike and his eyes glow green, thanks to the LED lit valves. The controller comes with a highly responsive button configuration and it even vibrates in order to heighten the gaming experience.

You could even switch between analogue and digital controls while retaining the scary and horrifying look that comes straight from the land of the rising sun. More than a Japanese warrior, the Warrior US Joypad looks like a evil monster trying hard to look like a noble Japanese Samurai, but only the pure wickedness shows up blatantly no matter what, thanks to the skull-face.

ps3 controller japanese warrior

The Warrior USB Joypad is compatible with USB, PS3 and PS2, and is sure to drive you and your friends crazy. If you have an annoying kid at home, you could even use this controller to scare him away. If scaring kids isn’t your cup of tea, and would rather be a stud of man who would go hunting in the outback of Australia, you would love the Zeebo Boomerang Controller. No matter what, it always comes back to you!

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