Cool and Real Lego Les Paul Guitar

lego les paul guitar

Although I would never buy a guitar that looked like this, I must agree it is one of the coolest looking ones that I have ever seen, for its black color along with the golden knobs give this guitar a classy feel, whereas the Lego look it has makes it funky and cool.

cool lego guitar

The guitar by LisPark is designed with so much thought, like the Fender Princeton Reverb Amp is, that it does really look like a big Lego built guitar. The ends are not rounded but instead have right angle edges. Also the guitar has not only the little bumps like the Lego pieces do but it also has the appearance that its made of many pieces of various sizes, put together. These two characteristics together are what gives it the perfect look.

real lego guitar

Irrespective of whether it sounds good or how it plays this guitar is most definitely unique in its appearance and is a collectors piece for an instrument.

les paul guitar of lego