Fantastic Four Wobblers Nod Their Way Into Danger

fantastic four human torch bobble head

At one time, bobble head toys were those funny little things that you bought to spice up the look of the dashboard of your sad and pathetic old car. No more! Bobbleheads are back in style with a vengeance and this is obvious with the set of the Fantastic Four bobbleheads which also includes the fearsome Dr. Doom.

These Fantastic Four wobblers sure won’t impress you if you are big fans of the actors who portrayed them in the movies but they sure will excite those who have stayed true fanatics of the original Marvel comics.  The best of the five collectibles is the Fantastic Four the Thing bobble head with his rocky monobrow and heavy fists looking like they would beat the crap out of poor Johnny the moment he’s let out of the packaging.

fantastic four mr fantastic bobble head

The Human Torch is caught in full fire and looks hot enough to burn you (but strangely this guy will feel quite cold to touch). Dr. Doom is seen in full regalia and looks quite miffed to have been included in a Fantastic Four collection and I couldn’t blame him, especially with how timid Mr. Fantastic looks. The manufacturers will surely be hearing from Victor Doom for what he sees as the ultimate insult.

Invisible Woman was caught just as she was re-appearing and is only half visible, it’s like she’s floating in mid-air above her pedestal. Each wobbler costs only $11 but be warned that if you buy the Torch he’ll probably burn everyone else!

fantastic four the thing bobble head