Yummy Looking Watchmen Cakes

watchmen rorschach mask cake

The middle of a three tier Watchmen themed cake, this yummy looking confection, made of lemon drizzle and butter icing is made to resemble the Watchmen superhero Rorschach Mask. Along with two additional works of art, they make for a trio of Geeky cakes BoBfee could be proud of.

The comic character Rorschach alias Walter Kovacs, first featured in the Watchmen series, is a vigilante who continues to fight crime despite being an outlaw himself. He wears a mask on his face which has a constantly changing inkblot pattern, which Rorschach believes to be his true face. The inkblot pattern specifically is symmetric and one does wonder how this symmetry was incorporated in a cake made by hand, so perfectly. Also, its amazing that they were able to get the black color in a lemon butter cream flavored cake (not a chocolate one).

watchmen doomsday clock cake

The character of Rorschach was created by the writer of Watchmen Alan Moore along with artist Dave Gibbons. Rorschach believes in absolute good and absolute evil and that all evil must be punished. The comic was rated as the 16th greatest comic book by empire magazine.

The other two Watchmen cakes include the Doomsday clock coming close to the final minute, and is made as  a Belgian Chocolate Cake. The final cake is probably one of the most popular images with the famous Comedian button smiley face, that is made of a Carrot Cake with Philadelphia Filling.

watchmen comedian button cake