Lego Batman Theme For The iPhones Owned By Dark Knights

We have had our considerable share of iPhone icons and themes since the launch of this uber-cool and fun filled phone, some of which made no sense at all while some that were extremely popular among the masses. Apparently, and as far as I know, there seems to exist no connection between Batman and Lego, but surprisingly this new iPhone theme is a testimony to how both these legends blend perfectly in the darkness of night.

lego batman iphone theme

The iPhone theme by James which features Batman and Robin in the punk Lego style also includes the following characters in its huge collections of icons, all of which have been transformed into their Lego counterparts; The characters include some of the prominent face like Cat Woman, Joker, Poison Ivy… and many more to name.

batman iphone icons

This theme is really a big break from the regular set, since it has been packed up with a lot of fun and frolic it really stands out in the crowd. The basic idea on the mind of it’s creator must be to recreate the Dark Knight in order to assist other Knights through their complex phones which prove to be no less than the Bat-Devices themselves.

iphone icons batman characters

If you like this punk retro style of the modern action figures then you really ought to have the Mini Batman Collection on your shelf or the World of Warcraft iPod Theme.