Geekish Funny Pimped Currency Notes

abraham lincoln funny bills

Sometimes when you are really drunk, you would be ready to do just about anything in order to have some fun, maybe even burn some currency notes! The thing is, in most countries, tampering with currency notes is illegal but some guys have decided to turn the United States of America’s dollar notes into something else that is a tad more Geeky and a ton more Hilarious!

funny abraham lincoln bill

funny andrew jackson bill

funny george washington superman

There are around 25 hilariously defaced bills which has all the presidents and diplomats of America in geekish and video game roles. The pimped notes are so realistic that for a moment you might think this is how Abraham Lincoln or George Washington looked.

funny abraham lincoln super mario

funny george washington darth vader

Presidents who look like aliens, mysterious creatures, humanoids and other supernatural creatures from the world of video games have inspired the artist to modify these currency notes. If you add up all these notes together, they should make a tidy sum indeed, at least to have a nice dinner somewhere. Most may think that this is a waste of money but for video games fans, this is one of the more avant-garde works of art.

funny abraham lincoln tron

funny george washington bill

Perhaps you could try pimping your currency too, and maybe exchange it with other video game fans in return for games, obviously. If you are the kind of person who would not want to deface currency notes, you might perhaps want to look at others ways where you could find politicians in comical situations. Take for example this Barack Obama Talking Gadget and also the Obama Rubber Duck Toy. These toys are hilarious!

funny george washington bills

funny andrew jackson batman

Via: Geekologie