New Rubik’s Cube Cake for Hungry Geeks

The Rubik’s Cube Cake might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but let’s face it, everyone loves cakes, and most people have spent hours toiling with a Rubik’s Cube trying to figure it out, so this Cake might not have been the ideal choice for someone with a low IQ. On the other hand, since it is already solved, maybe everyone will like it.

new rubik's cube cake

The Rubik’s cake by Sarenea was apparently made for a certain Corvat’s piano recital. What a Rubik’s cube has to do with a piano recital, I’m not sure, but the same question could be asked of the Rubik’s Cube Sandwich. One thing I am sure of though, I’m sure everyone loved eating it, because this cake looks really tasty. I wish I knew what cake it was

Although the Rubik’s cube isn’t perfectly formed, and the three layer’s aren’t very well aligned, making the cake look a bit bulgy around the middle, I will definitely give this cake an A for effort and concept :). The other two sides of the cake are supposedly a green and a white.

For another cool and more innovative Rubik’s Cube design, the Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills may give you an quick laugh.