Donald Duck Transformers Toy is just Wacky

donald duck transformers toy

The lazy sailor who quacked his way to every duck lover’s heart may be a little old fashioned now, but a couple of decades ago, kids still loved Donald Duck and his crazy antics. Along with his frequent adventures,  fellow characters like Uncle Scrooge, he was extremely popular, and that may be due to the scarcity of video games then. Nevertheless, Donald Duck is one of those timeless comic characters whose popularity transcends boundaries of time and space.

This cool Donald Duck Transformers toy correctly reveals the true persona of the much loved duck. He looks pretty menacing and mechanical, as if he would go and polish all the coins at Uncle Scrooge’s money bin at once with vengeance. Like the cool robot that a transformer is always, Donald Duck too looks pretty bot-like, if you asked me.

donald duck transformer

Certainly, there never seems to be a day that would arrive in future when Donald Duck would no longer be popular. He can always don new roles like he has donned the role of a Transformer robot here. There is no information about the Donald Duck Transformer apart from the fact that some really cool person must have built it on their own. You could also take a look at the other most important Disney character, Mickey Mouse Transformer. It is really cool to see these amazing guys from old school Disney coming alive again!

Via: 9 Gag