PS3 Magic Wand Controller Concept Design

ps3 wand controller

While most are looking forward to getting their hand on the new PS3 Wand to come out, a new concept surfaced that shows a closer look at at the hopeful PS3 Magic Wand controller.

This new concept of the PS3 Motion Controller by Miguel Duarte shows some cool variations of what we could really expect, but it is still OK to dream when it comes to PS3 controller and accessories.

Miguel has designed the PS3 Wand controller as a real handheld and a tad shorter than we have seen in the demonstration videos of Sony. Moreover, he went ahead and designed a PS3 Wand connecting adapter, which is supposed to connect two Magic Wands together to create a full PS3 controller similar to the dual shock most PS3 fans are in love with.

ps3 magic wand motion controller

The latter is actually a practical design that would enable two Magic Wands to be used in other forms and not just in motion sensing PS3 Games. Still, it doesn’t seem like such an adapter will be created at such a late stage, so we may have to wait for the PS4 to be made first.

No technical specs (or design specs) were provided with this concept, but it does seem like Miguel has stayed true to the Playstation brand with its sleek looks, color, and curve features. We can just hope Sony will release a good working product that will remain cool looking like we are free to expect.

Via: PS3Maven