Geeky Star Trek Kokeshi Dolls for the Artistic Trekkie

captain kirk and spock kokeshi doll

Any Star Trek geek would appreciate a new versiona dn artwork of the two most popular characters: Captain Kirk and Spock, and FatCat has delivered the two with wonderful results.

The two Star Trek dolls seen here are handmade and are as cute as a button. Of course, Spock and his Captain aren’t necessarily supposed to be cute, but you cannot deny the look really works good for them and could get some additional votes in the lady department.

captain kirk kokeshi doll

In addition, Captain Kirk is actuall made with Tribbles and Spock is doing his famous hand signal…I will let a true Trekkie fill in the necessary line.

Each is only $12 at FatCat Studios and could make a great addition to the already growing Geek Trekkie collection you have staring at you in your room.

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spock kokeshi doll