Apple Magic Mouse Unveils a Sleek Multi Touch Mouse

magic mouse apple

If you are the kind of person who would never use the touchpad on your laptop and would instead prefer to use a mouse, you are not alone, for there are many people who prefer using the mouse for the comfort and also for the ergonomic advantages.

magic mouse apple sleek

Apple has realized this need and has launched the Magic Mouse which goes a step ahead of regular mice. Magic Mouse has no buttons nor does it have a scroller and you could click, scroll and swipe anywhere on the mouse seamlessly thanks to Apple’s ground breaking Multi-Touch technology. It is also being touted as the world’s first Multi-Touch mouse.

magic mouse

It would automatically be included with very new iMac and could also be used with your existing Macbook by purchasing it for $69. Thanks to its seamless Multi-touch surface, you could use your fingers to click anywhere, scroll anywhere on the mouse and it even recognizes your unique hand movements. The Laser Tracking engine makes sure you could use the mouse on any surface you want without a hitch.

magic mouse gestures

Since it is wireless, it reduces all the clutter and all that you would require is Bluetooth on your Mac. You could also use it along with the Apple Wireless cable. Apple Magic Mouse recognizes one gesture after another and also the speed with which you make the particular gesture. All in all, it certainly is a mouse that way too special. If you do not use Apple products, you could try the WeraMouse.

magic mouse wireless