The Newly Designed Xbox 1080 Portable for Zune and Xbox 360 Lovers!

xbox 360 portable handheld 1080

Many Xbox 360 fans are waiting for an Xbox handheld console to be released, that will provide some gaming on the go, and until official release, there is a newly designed Xbox 1080 concept that will make gamers drool on something else besides the PSP Go.

Created by Carl Archambeault, this is a new design called the Xbox 1080, which he redesigned due to some comments and feedback from those who saw his original concept.

xbox elite 1080 handheld

This new Xbox console aims to be a little friendlier, social and attractive with its look and practical possibilities. It is true that it is a concept and not a prototype, but it doesn’t mean that Xbox fans cannot dream and perhaps Microsoft will at least consider some of the features and looks.

The new Xbox Handheld 1080 Elite will combine Xbox gaming and Zune Media features, so people will be happy the two will actually be unified. The 4.5 inch screen is hefty for such a portable, which will be great for gaming but may not be as practical for comfortable mobility.

cool xbox 1080 elite handheld

The buttons on the Xbox 1080 should be familiar for Xbox 360 gamers and along with a 32GB internal memory, it could be a dream come true. I personally hope such an Xbox portable will be made, and until then..we can be excited about awesome Xbox 360 mods fans make.

new xbox 360 portable 1080 elite

Via: XboxFreedom