Big Lebowski Lego Art

big lebowski dude lego art

The Big Lebowski was one of those American comedy films that managed to achieve a cult status and turned the word “dude” into something that is more than just a normal form of addressing. LA bases slacker and avid bowler Jeffrey Lebowski calls himself The Dude and his character is now part of urban legends. So much so that, there is even a cool collection of Lego statues of the Dude and his accomplices.

big lebowski jackie treehorn lego art

You could take a look at the CubeDude collection by Maclane which comes with statues of The Dude, Jackie Treehorn, Walter Sobchak and The Jesus. All the four have been built using Lego building blocks and surely would impress anyone who has watched the movie or are into Lego art. Every Lego statue looks as close to the real character as possible, and it is really amazing that Lego fans can go to such extents in order to create things that are so cool.

big lebowski jesus lego art

We  have written loads about Lego models and you might want to read some of the stuff we wrote about. You could check out the Lego Star Wars Cube Dudes, which are similar to the Big Lebowski Cube Dudes that you can see here. If you would like to try other Lego stuff, take a look at Lego Les Paul guitar which is really ingenious. If you are a bigger fan of big Lebowski than Lego, take a look at this cool Bowling Pin Art Set which is inspired by The Dude.

big lebowski walter sobchak lego art