New Rorschach Munny Doll Creation Is A Cool Effort!

cool rorschach munny doll

You can get your own munny vinyl and give it a Rorschach face and torso, like this bloke has done, which makes a great tribute to the famed Watchmen character.

It is quite common these days to transform lifeless munnies into popular characters, and Rorschach is perhaps one of the easiest ones to create thanks to the lack of facial features. All you need to do is get a bottle of black paint and draw abstract blots on the face, and fill up the rest of the doll with lines and circles for a jacket and a necktie. One special feature that drew our attention to this Rorschach munny by CrossCross was the impressive hat. One version had a horned (we wouldn’t know why the horns are present, though!) sombrero while the other one had a neat black hat, which might take away the formidability of the character. Nevertheless, a neatly done job!

new rorschach munny figure

If you are looking to create your own collection of character dolls, the best way is to buy a munny and give it a shape the way you want. At least, you wouldn’t have to compromise on your sartorial tastes.

You can also build your own Rorschach collection with cool stuff like the Rorschach mask and the Rorschach badge.