Lexus Transparent Car to Get Exhibitionists into Trouble

lexus transperant car

If you are crazy about weird automobiles, you must perhaps make a visit to the Tokyo Motor Show which is currently the hot topic, especially with this cool Lexus transparent car as a real one that was displayed at the show. The car must have been made of acrylic glass just like the Lexus LF-A Crystallized Wind and it is quite surprising how they managed to build this to such perfection. While the car certainly looks cool, I wouldn’t be seen dead driving this car ever!

There would hardly be any privacy and if you and your date decide to go on a “long drive” get busy with “business”, you might just get arrested for illegal and indecent exposure. I would say, if you are the kind of person who would associate the backseat of the car with steamy entertainment, you really must stay away from this car unless you are an exhibitionist and are willing to risk arrest.

lexus transperant car shot

Nevertheless, it does look quite cool and must cost a fortune to buy if it ever reaches the market. I guess it would be a spectacular sight when you crash this car into another with all the glass shards flying all over the place gloriously reflecting night street lamps. You could check out an equally weird Hawk Car Concept designed by Alex Hodge. If you like something even more bizarre, try the Batmobile Go-kart.

Via: Slippery Brick/Gizmodo