Cool Two-In-One Digital Camera Binoculars for Field Researchers

digital camera binoculars

Wildlife enthusiasts and other field researchers have to carry far too many gadgets and modern accessories like digital cameras, binoculars, camera stands, mobile, laptop etc and it is quite a hassle to watch through binocular and click the picture with camera. This cool Two-in-one Digital Camera Binoculars will be a boon for field researchers.

Field researchers and adventure enthusiasts can actually click and save the image or video of what they see through the binoculars using this Digital Camera Binoculars. The best part is focus is synchronized and it uses special focusing technology to sharpen images on the digital camera. The 8X magnification binoculars comes with 5 megapixel digital camera and in built 16MB memory. This is good enough to store limited important images and video through a day’s field outing. The added features are eye relief which enables one to use it while wearing glasses and there is a LCD screen to view the recorded images.

Two-in-One Digital Camera seems to be awesome product and will be liked by all geeks and costs $299.95 (inclusive of USB cable). Researchers and geeks can also check out other interesting Microscope with Video Display and Underwater Digital Camera Swim Mask.

7 thoughts on “Cool Two-In-One Digital Camera Binoculars for Field Researchers

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  3. cindy.

    ok i love it, it be a good christmas gift for my GF cuz she loves taking pictures of the mountains and so forth so is it even out yet cuz christmas is just right around the corner and i need it fast ???? so where can i get one at?

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