Bruce Lee Dolls Bring The Kung Fu Hero Back To Life

cool bruce lee figurines

Get the legendary Kung Fu icon to watch your back, ‘figuratively’ though, with these cool Bruce Lee dolls, as the figurines feature Bruce Lee in his most  popular stances, holding Nunchucks, sticks or better still, in his drool-worthy bare-bodied self. Through pictures published by Tomo.Moko, a fan of this popular hero has given us a pretty good reason to drag our lazy bodies to the nearest toy store and pick up one of these marvelous creations. It might have taken a while coming, but we are quite delighted that these figurines have finally hit the shelves.

bruce lee figurines

Bruce Lee is the stuff of legends; even his controversial death left tongues wagging till date, with people coming up with numerous conspiracy theories. It is certainly a tribute to this screen and real-life warrior who chose to belie established norms and open the world of Kung Fu to the common audience. There are few who have not been left spellbound by Bruce Lee’s feats. Flaunt your love for Kung Fu and for Bruce Lee by adoring your display case with one of these figures.

fun bruce lee figurines

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new bruce lee figurines