Link PMP Concept Could Make Sharing Content Easier!


The sight of Link PMP concept did not leave me with a perfect Oh-My-God moment, but I have wondered if portable game consoles and media players can have internet capabilities, why not a sync-medium like Bluetooth?! Miguel Duarte got closer to my wish-list and came up with a concept which involves physically connecting similar Portable media players. There have been times when you fell in love with a song on your friend’s music player but can’t get it on yours at that very moment! I prefer carrying a phone that has music capabilities, so at least sharing content from others’ phones is easy.

link pmp design

The designer here probably doesn’t want the cult of PMP to fade away, so he tried to overcome this shortcoming by conceptualizing a way of syncing similar devices.  As seen in the image, there wouldn’t be a wireless mechanism like Bluetooth and Infrared, the players will offer a port to physically connect similar siblings.  The designer also suggests that PMPs from the same tech-brand could be brought together to share screen space. But you wouldn’t want your movies or images to look fragmented because of the colored rims on the four edges of the device. Well, I just hope the electronic bigwigs are reading this and will  surprise us at an upcoming tech-fest. If you wish to see more of the tech-world through the eyes of design-sphere, check the SkateBoard Computer Keyboard, Wireless Recharger Concept and the Animal themed bicycle.