Rubik’s Cube Gets A Digital Touchscreen Makeover

touchscreen rubik's cube

The world’s most intelligent puzzle game, Rubik’s Cube, now gets a digital makeover, with a touchscreen version now available in the market to fascinate and brighten dull Geeky days.

Geeks and cube buffs, who have managed to crack the most complex puzzle, which surprisingly has a pretty simple formula to solve it, can now look forward to a whole new way of exercising their passion for the game. After over 30 years of its nerve-wracking presence, the cube will now be played with just fingertips. Puzzle solvers can use its color changing ‘touch squares’, as opposed to the ‘twist and turn’ analog version, to enthrall people around them.

It may have come a decade late perhaps, but like they say ‘better late than never’. With the touchscreen version, all you need to do is run your fingers over multiple squares to align them the way you want. The sensors embedded in the cube, along with an accelerometer to detect motion, are used to display the active face. The direction of the swipe determines the color. Also, there is an in-built memory feature that ensures you do not have to start all over again if you leave a puzzle half way through. Hints are offered, too and a self-solving mechanism prevents headaches. The $149.95 cube can be charged through the display stand included, and unlike the Rubik’s Cube Light lamp design, it is a real product available today.