Google Social Search Personalizes Web Results

google social search front

It is a well known fact that Google never stops to rest and always tries to make Internet a more orderly place, and this time around, Google Labs have unveiled the Google Social Search, a new experimental approach to searching the web.

It is a way of searching wherein along with the regular web results, you would also get results from your friends’ blogs, feeds and pages. These friends are extracted through your Google Profile or sometimes through people you are following on twitter, FriendFeed and other social networking sites where you may need to use your Gmail address.

Moreover, all the people in your Gmail address book would be added too, and thus in order to avail this service you need to be logged on to Google accounts at the time of browsing. You could switch this option off too, or enable it for a more personalized search. An example is searching for flowers in London, and you may get a blog maintained by a colleague in London about flowers there.

google social search

The idea is to bring results that are more relevant to you, than bombarding you with search results that have no relevance whatsoever in your personal life. It may be an interesting approach but if you don’t like it you can always do the regular Google Search without the Social Search. You could also read about the Mystery Google Search Engine which has created waves and the Google Music Service which is being publicized right now.