Cool Transformers Tattoos Crossed with other Characters

transformers tattoo with superman

Whoever said getting a tattoo was the reserve of rock stars and all those kids who aimed to become one may have forgotten about Geeks, for video game fans have always been associated with tattoos as well, and what is better than checking out a couple of geeky Transformers tattoos?

Syn666 has uploaded a few geeky tattoos and the one that is a cross between Superman and Transformers is really cool, if you asked me. Using just red and yellow to ink the tattoo, the artist has impeccably created the Superman + Transformers tattoo, which is inked on the arm. He of course did not stop at crossing Transformers with Superman and went ahead and modified the Transformers tattoo with Cobra from G.I Joe.

transformers tattoo with gi joe

This tattoo looks especially detailed and must have required a lot of time for the artist to ink, and a lot of pain for the wearer to bear. You must really notice the way the gray and blue shades are blended in order to create the pattern which so correctly depicts the characteristics of both transformers and Cobra, from G.I Joe.

transformers tattoo with cobra

I wonder what next could be the artist’s plan to ink! How about a Transformers tattoo that is crossed with the Jedi? If you are not interested in tattoos that depict gaming characters, you might want to check out the cool Mona Lisa Tattoo which is surely more painful to get inked than the Transformers tattoos we just read about. For other cool Tattoo art, check out the Mario and Luigi Feet Tattoos or the Tetris Tattoo.