Cool Space Invaders Baskets For Outdoor Use

space invaders baskets

Here is a way that I have yet to see the retro Space Invaders make their mark…natural looking outdoor baskets that are made more for country life than geeky bedrooms.

cool space invaders baskets

It is true that the Space Invaders have invaded our lives in many ways ranging from the actual retro game from our childhood to Space Invaders Jewelry, Gaming Toast and many different Space Invaders Gadgets, but these baskets by Alberto Seveso seem a little more comforting.

new space invaders basket design

It could be the baskets themselves or perhaps it is the setting the images are seen with that could provide a relaxing time. Also, it isn’t every day that you see such a Video game character make an appearance in something more natural looking.

new space invaders baskets

It seems like a great way for country or ouutdoor folks to get their Geek on.

space invaders baskets design

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