Knitted Dolls of Incredible Hulk and The Thing

the thing orange doll

Marvel Comics is responsible for the success of the comic industry which is valued at millions, and the awesome characters that were created by the company still live in our daily lives, and such has been the influence of Marvel Comics in everybody’s life. Many people are such fans of Marvel Comics characters that they go ahead and crate art inspired by these characters.

One such person is the Knitty Cat who has uploaded many knitted dolls of Marvel Comics characters, which look really cool. The most attractive has to be the orange colored knitted doll of the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing, member of the Fantastic Four.

the thing orange

It was created for the birthday of someone called Mat, who was indeed impressed. Along with The Thing, Knitty Cat has also created dolls of the Incredible Hulk, which was also created for Mat’s birthday.

incredible hulk doll

The artist also plans to publish “how to” notes in the future so that you could also learn how to knit dolls of your favorite Marvel Comics characters. You might want to buy and keep threads of different colors before the artist publishes the “how to” notes!

incredible hulk cool doll

The knitted dolls look really good, thanks to all the colorful threads used in the work. I am sure it took a long time for the artist to complete all these dolls. You could also read about the Fantastic Four Wobblers, which look incredibly cute.