Tok & Study is an Innovative Low Study Desk Design

geeky study desk tok & study

Traditional furniture designs are getting interesting modern makeovers these days for better use in sleek urban geek homes, as we can see with the Tok & Study, which presents a low and portable study table design concept; ideal for lazy and studious geeks who feel reluctant to leave their beds.

geek study desk tok & study

The Tok & Study design concept by Helder Filipov, who also brought you the awesome Tetris Furniture, has already won awards and it is a winning design because both teh back and foot rest folds up and fits neatly in the desk. One can also keepa  laptop on it and work and play for hours in relaxed reclining position without straining the back and legs. It just does away with the entire need of sitting on chair at home after long hours at office desks.

cool study desk tok & study

Most oriental cultures traditionally have always used such low desks or tables. This Tok & Study Low desk  prototype design seems to be inspired by those good old designs and culture where one would sit either sit on floor or bed and work on low desks.  It is certainly more stylish and sleek piece of furniture and will look awesome in any modern home or geek den.

cool study desk design tok & study

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