Stargate Atlantis iPhone Theme Rocks

atlantis stargate cool iphone theme

If you watch American and Canadian TV shows, you could not possibly have missed the cool Stargate Atlantis military science fiction TV series, and as part of the MGM’s Stargate franchise, the TV show is still one of the most popular and has almost gained a cult status. So much so that people have begun to mod their gadgets to suit the theme of this cool show. Here is a cool Stargate Atlantis iPhone Icons Theme which comes complete with all the stellar depicted on the iPhone screen.

The iPhone screen really looks so much like the TV show that you would be tempted to watch all the episodes of the sci-fi series all over again. Matty Dryden has uploaded the pictures of his Stargate Atlantis iPhone themes among which the WinterBoard theme even comes with Stargate Atlantis sounds. If you arrange all the ancient letters seen on the iPhone theme, it reads “This is Matt’s iPhone!”.

atlantis stargate iphone theme

If he were thinking that people would understand the ancient script and not steal his phone, he might be mistaken. Nevertheless, the Stargate Atlantis iPhone themes look pretty awesome and you might want the same theme on your phone as well. If you can’t lay your hands on it, you could also try other iPhone themes like the cool Lego Batman Theme which can be owned by all the Dark Knights out there. You could also try the Rayman Raving Rabbids iPhone theme.