Zombie Mickey Mouse Vinyl Figure Freaks Me Out

zombie mickey mouse

Many of us grew up on different Disney cartoons, animated films and childish characters, but I really don’t think I would have followed the Zombie Mickey Mouse show if it was appearing on the local station.

This cool Vinyl figure modification of the most famous mouse in the world shows a Zombie Mickey Mouse which could really scare children away from cartoons. The detail, color and anger in Mickey’s eyes are a little too freaky, but I still must admit it looks pretty cool. Especially with the sidekick Julius to add to the suspense.

For a child to see this version of Mickey Mouse could be devastating, just like watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller for the first time or even the Zombie Barack Obama. Here you see a character that may seem harmless at first glance become a Zombie that will feed on your brains.

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Via: Vinyleschiles