Lego A-Team Characters Art

a team ba baracus lego character

If you were a kid during the 80s and old enough to watch TV, you might remember the A-Team show which ran from 1983 to 1986 and was an American action adventure series which followed the lives of a fictional group of ex-US Army Special Forces.

a team murdock lego character

The tough guys worked as soldiers of fortune while always being on the run from the military for some crime that they obviously did not commit. The show became so popular that besides the new A-Team Movie being made, people today create art based on the characters of the A-Team, as CubeDude did with this Lego set which includes characters from the A-Team series.

The B.A. Baracus, Murdock, Faceman and Hannibal have found themselves being reincarnated in these cool Lego sculptures that seem to worship not just the A-Team but also the Lego blocks themselves. TV shows such as A-team, Lego and other signifier of the 80s still hold a nostalgic element and that is perhaps why they are still so popular among the youthful and the youthful at heart.

a team hannibal lego character

Who can possibly ignore the temptations to watch a rerun of those 80s shows to bring back some memories! Now you could even stare at these wonderful pieces of artwork to bring back those warm memories. You could also check other CubeDude works of art such as the Big Lebowski Lego Art. The Lego Superheroes and the Star Wars Legos are pretty cool too. It is funny that Lego blocks can create such magic!

a team faceman lego character