Titanium ID Mouse is True Luxury Mouse Design

titanium id mouse

The elegant and designer Titanium ID Mouse is giving the Apple Magic Mouse a run for its money, but not because of functionality but rather price and luxury design.

expensive titanium id mouse design

expensive titanium mouse

This new rich man’s mouse toy from Intelligent Design doesn’t arrive with any magic movements, touchscreen interface or special moves, for it is a rather simple and functional mouse that is simply a wireless, Bluetooth, 3 button mouse with a tiny scroll wheel.

luxury titanium id mouse design

new titanium id mouse

On the other hand, it is truly magnificent in design with its contour body and shape, elegant and smooth surface, remarkable unique structure and witha¬† choice of either black or white. What’s more is that it is made of hand-formed grade 1 titanium and a neodymium scroll wheel which gives it its exclusivity and extraordinary hefty price tag of $1186.

titanium id mouse design

titanium mouse design

Unlike the Optimus Maximum Keyboard which at least provides extra functionality and practicality along with its high price tag, the Titanium ID mouse is charging you for the Titanium.

titanium mouse

Via: Unplggd