Cool Paper Rubik’s Cube is Not Any Easier

paper rubik's cube

There are so many different versions of the Rubik’s Cube that vary in size, shape and always aim to deliver a challenging puzzle, and here is another version that delivers the same cube but made completely out of paper.

cool paper rubik's cube

Created by Dror Vomberg, a Rubik’s Cube enthusiast and pro, this Paper Rubik’s Cube is a beauty aznd fascination. He shows teh pieces that it is made of, including the edge pieces, corners and even the middle kernel hub that makes all of it go together.

Does it work?

paper rubik's cube corners

Of course it works, as you can see in the video below. He uses the Black paper Rubik’s Cube to demonstrate it, but really presents how it functions like a regular cube.

paper rubik's cube edges

This would be an amazing project for people to create and build their own, but the downfall would be when you cannot solve the cube in utmost frustration. The thing is, you wouldn’t need to throw it on the wall, for you could just crush it in your own hands.

paper rubik's cube kernel

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