Crayola 64 Box Crayons Cake is Full of Colorful Sweetness

crayola crayons cake

Most of us have heard (or seen) children chewing and eating crayons, but with this extraordinary Birthday cake, at least you know they would be eating real food; It may still be full of food coloring, but at least it isn’t glue.

Created by Duff Goldman, this amazing cake was made for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Crayola 64 Box of Crayons. It is full of many different colors and retains the box design along with the different paper covers, colors and shapes of the actual crayons.

It is truly a beautiful cake design that probably got so many children excited, and it simply shows that there are still ways besides Video Game graphics that could be appreciated by children.

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crayola 64 crayons box cake

6 thoughts on “Crayola 64 Box Crayons Cake is Full of Colorful Sweetness

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  3. Kate.

    Amazing! I love this guy Ace of Cakes guy…I just read he does work with the American Cancer Society’s movement for more birthdays – – a world with less cancer is a world with more birthdays. Good call. If Duff can join this movement, so can I 🙂

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