BPRD Lighter Is The Gateway To Hell for Hellboy Fans

Zippo BPRD Lighter

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D) makes its appearance again outside of the Hellboy comics, albeit in an indirect way through the Zippo branded lighter. For those of you in the Stone Age, BPRD is one of the most secretive and celebrated organizations handling ‘out of the ordinary’ occurrences and digging up histories of creatures that don’t exist in a ‘normal’ world. The Zippo BPRD lighter is your entry into this intriguing world, which also put Hellboy at the forefront of ‘evil elimination’.

The Zippo B.P.R.D lighter is made of a curious substance called ‘Black Ice’, which is a form of dark chrome. Carved on it is the logo of the organization. We believe there is no better gratification for a pipe-smoking bloke, trying to emulate the Devil’s Baby, than putting a light to his stub with a flame-creator from hell. Strut around in style, or show it off to your comic-loving buddies by getting one for yourself. It is priced at a competitive $29.99. Not bad for a key to the mystic world of devils and angels, we say!

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