Street Fighter IV Characters Action Moves in Command Voice Key Chain

street fighter characters moves keychain

Sometimes it becomes a little too funny to think about how inseparable our lives have become from cool gadgets and video games which are so part of our lives that we just can’t think of anything that is not related to gaming. So much so that, even key chains are inspired by our favorite games, as this Street Fighter IV Action Command Voice Key Chain is an amazing accessory for any gamer that plays the legendary game with all the zest.

street fighter chun-li movesstreet fighter dhalsim moves

All you would need to do is press the right buttons along with the right moves and you would get into the fighting mode! With a sleek and cool design, the accessory really looks awesome and is a befitting tribute to the legacy of Street Fighter characters series. You could choose between Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Dhalsim and each of these keychains are inspired by these awesome characters from the Street Fighter series. At $14, they are not only affordable but a must-have for any fan who likes to play Street Fighter.

street fighter ryu movesstreet fighter ken moves

The accessories can also be used as cellphone strap charms along with being key chain charms. They are almost the replica of the real Street Fighter inspired gadgets. You could also read about the cool Street Fighter IV Gameplay about which we had written about a very long time ago. These keys and straps only prove that the game is still as big as it was many months ago!