PS4 Controller Conceptual Design

ps4 controller concept

There are many new designs and concepts coming out for the Playstation concepts, and this new one is aimed to be a PS4 Controller that is entitled Cobra controller.

new ps4 controller concept

Although the PS4 console doesn’t seem to be the main thing on Sony’s mind, designers have already added it top their futuristic themed project. Besides the actual future console, this cool looking Cobra PS4 game controller was designed by Jiang Qian with style and trend in mind.

The PS4 controller has fans built in that must be envisioned to help gamers who spend long hours have a little comfort by cooling their hands and drying the accrued sweat. Moreover, it seems like this controller is interested in a little ‘look at me’ design with the sleek style and the bright colors on a clean white controller.

cool ps4 controller concept

Since it is just a concept, there aren’t any tech specs to provide, but along with the PS3 Wand concept, it is a great design we hope provides good feedback to Sony.

ps4 controller design

Via: PS3Maven