Star Wars Boba Fett Cakes Collection

boba fett groom cake

The world’s most famous bounty hunter has to be Boba Fett, made famous by the Star Wars fictional universe of movies, toys, comic books and even video games. Darth Vader’s henchman and the series next major villain after Darth Vader himself, Boba Fett has captured our imaginations from a very long time.

He is famous for his scary looks and the weird green helmet that he usually wears. All this have been immortalized in these delicious looking cakes, which celebrate Boba Fett’s villainous existence.

There are hundreds of people who have toyed with the idea of baking Boba Fett cakes and we compiled a few really cool ones. The Best groom’s Cake ever is themed on Boba Fett and is a full sized Boba Fett helmet which looks less than appetizing. Danielle317 nevertheless has done a great job at the details.

boba fett pretty cake

Emxander has baked the Pretty Boba Fett cake which reduces the villain’s evil qualities and makes him look really delicious.

boba fett treys cake

Ironmeghan has uploaded another Boba Fett cake picture that looks really delicious, except for the area where Boba Fett’s face sits on the cake.

boba fett simple cake

The best of the lot has to be the simple Boba Fett Cake uploaded by Hunter Simmons.

You could also eat this tasty Star Wars Yoda Cake, if you do not fancy munching on Boba Fett a lot. The Sweet Star Wars At At Cake is really cute and mouth watering.